House of the Dragon

Step into the world of House of Dragon and experience the Game of Thrones series like never before. With the power of fire at your fingertips, join the epic battle and bring the dragon eggs to life in stunning 3D simulations. Explore the mysteries of the dragon and let the excitement of this project consume you in a whole new way.


Feel the Breathe of My Dragon.

vol. 01 / 04
Fire and Blood

HOUSE | Targaryen

Fire and Embers

Treatment 02.

We Light the Way.

vol. 02 / 04
The Legacy of Power

HOUSE | Hightower

Light the Way

Treatment 03.

What is this Brief Mortal Life..

vol. 03 / 04
A Powerful Storm is Coming.

HOUSE | Velaryon

Old, True, the Brave

Treatment 04.

The Strength of Mine Own Back.

vol. 04 / 04
Sworn to Dragonstone.

HOUSE | Velaryon

Faith of the Seven

Social Market.

Extending the Reach of the Kingdom.

vol. 01 / 01
Reign of Fire.

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