Vizio’s X logo mark has long represented the brand’s commitment to stability, reliability, and precision. The incorporation of paint, pigment, threads, and colorful vapor, the logo mark takes on a new level of dimension and energy. These elements bring added depth, texture, and vibrancy to the design, creating a visual representation that truly embodies the innovative and creative spirit of the brand. The end result is a logo mark that is both recognizable and memorable, a true representation of the qualities that make Vizio stand out in the crowded tech industry.



A Organically Designed Experience.

vol. 01 / 04
Color Reveals.

Vizio Logo ID

Vapor Reveals the Impossible

Treatment 02.

Bounding Perfection of Reliability..

vol. 02 / 04
Threads of Color.

Vizio Logo ID

Wrapped with Stability

Treatment 03.

Precision of Paint.

vol. 03 / 04
Dimensional Movement.

Vizio Logo ID

Memorable Dimensions of Spirit

Treatment 04.

Hues of Energized Pigment.

vol. 04 / 04
Elevated Color.

Vizio Logo ID

Visually Stunning Qualities

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