What a rich history! The animation block commands respectable excitement and with a demographic of savvy viewers, the bar was set high. Deliver something truly special. Our “Wild Ride” vision quickly evolved into a whimsical world of chaos that combined all of our beloved characters. The team rose to the challenge, creating a black-and-white graphical identity that paid homage to the raw, unpolished, and powerful essence of the creative process. We add a touch of color as accents guiding the attention on important focus points amongst all the chaos. The end result was a visually striking tribute to the art of animation, delivered with the artistic flair and hipness of any animation aficionado.


Giga-Chop, Mash It Up

We Channeled the Animation Block, injecting Energy and Excitement into Ideation.


Homer Gets His Doughnut.

vol. 01 / 04
Let’s Binge!


Commercial ID

Motion 02.

A Hydra’s Strike.

vol. 02 / 04
Snakes Laugh.


Commercial ID

Lets’s FXX.

Whimsical World + Chaos.


vol. 03 / 04
FXX’IN Freshies.

Line-Work + Narrative

Network ID

Connect the Grid.

In the digital age, social media is a key platform for brands to connect with their audience. To stand out in a crowded digital space, brands need to get creative with their social marketing strategy. The key is to create a seamless and artistic experience that leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Social Butterflies.


Hustling that FXX'IN
Social Status.

Brands can tap into the modern and artistic sensibilities of their audience and forge a deeper connection with them. Screen takeovers, which offer an immersive and visually striking way to communicate a brand message. But why stop there? With AR in social apps, you can take things to the next level by overlaying dynamic and engaging graphics onto real-world settings. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, brands can bring their message to life in a way that feels fresh, modern, and truly immersive.

OOH La La.


vol. 04 / 04
Let’s Connect.

FXX'IN Ideation
That's Bold.

Step into a world where ink and paper collide to create pure animation bliss. Take a trip through the creative process, where raw ideas come to life and take residence among legendary characters. In this whimsical world of chaos, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beer, doughnuts, spaceships, snakes, and ray guns – all in stunning detail that brings the art of animation to life.

Brand Strategy 03.

The Magic of Pen to Paper, Void of Creative Bounds and the Possibilities Are Endless.

The Challenge.

Develop a visual strategy and create graphical branded messaging for the 12-hour animation block on FXX. Drawing inspiration from the iconic shows, we delivered a cohesive tribute to the art of animation. By using hues with intent, color became more than just an afterthought or an aesthetic choice. Color enabled the right tone and message to be successfully conveyed. Check out the process.

Mash-Up + Smash-Up.


sub vol. 01 / 04
FXX’IN Smashed.

Line-work + Narrative

Design Concept

It’s a Marathon.


sub vol. 02 / 04
Groove’In Race.

Color + Story

Design Concept

The Creation.

Welcome to a world where ink and paper collide to create pure animation bliss. Take a trip through the creative process, where raw ideas come to life and take residence among legendary characters. In this whimsical world of chaos, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beer, doughnuts, spaceships, snakes, and ray guns – all in stunning detail that brings the art of animation to life. From Homer Simpson lounging on a couch and chomping on doughnuts, to Marge Simpson-shaped shark fins and hydra heads. Every detail, a tribute to artists and the creative genius in crafting connections to line on paper.

Sketching Hydra ID.


sub vol. 03 / 04
Anti Venom.

Hue + Application

Line Thickness | Color Exploration

Sketching Binger ID.


sub vol. 04 / 04
Beer + Doh Nuts.

Hue + Application

Line Thickness | Color Exploration

Get Your FXX..

What the F*ck is an Animation Block. A FXX-Load Of Animation.
AKA… A Cluster FXX!

Block Rules.

Long Lasting from
Noon to Midnight.

We had a blast! Making sure that everyone knew about this momentous occasion in the world of animation, and we did it by using the power of shock and awe. By creating versatile messaging, we were able to make a big impact and get everyone talking about the event. So get ready to join the mayhem and experience the ultimate animation adventure – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Brand Solutions 04.

Welcome from the Guidance Counselor’s Office.

Color Theory.

Selecting a color system for our black-and-white look proved to be more nuanced than we anticipated. We recognized the importance of staying true to the iconic characters we were representing while also thoughtfully considering the impact of color on mood, perception, and visual appeal. To achieve the right balance, we used color accents intentionally, emphasizing key elements in the scene with specific hues that enhanced, rather than detracted from, the message and brand.

Premium + Unexpected Color.

Allowing certain color combinations to create specific moods and emotions, I leveraged color theories to create a harmony of dynamic and memorable hues within context of scene. A fun experiment with how colors appeared differently in various lighting situations, how they could shift in hue based on their surrounding colors.

Almighty Hank.


vol. 05 / 05
King of the Clouds.


A typeface that’s known for its modern, geometric design and crisp lines, which make it a popular choice for bold, futuristic projects. It embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that animates the animated shows in the block, and its clean, sans-serif design allows for clear, easy-to-read text.


Convey a sense of modernity and energy, which resonates with the audience and captures the essence of the animation block. The typeface’s versatility and flexibility also allowed us to experiment with different design elements and create a visual identity that was both unique and compelling.

Hue + Application

Color Exploration


A Stretched Reality Evolved into a Whimsically Distorted Narrative.

Behind the Scenes 05.

Elements from the Pitch

A Symbol of FXX.

The FXX logo was a crucial element in our creative strategy, as it allowed us to establish a strong visual presence and communicate the channel’s unique brand personality. We approached this task with a playful and experimental mindset, exploring various design options and testing different executions. Ultimately, we developed a series of FXX logos that are bursting with character and relatability. These logos became a valuable asset in our campaign, allowing us to connect with our audience in a memorable and engaging way..

FXX-ing Design.

Show IDeezzzzz.

Experience the whimsical chaos that emerges from the unfiltered creative tribute to the actual process of drawing. Here we draw inspiration to cut, chop, recut, stretch, and reorganize characters in custom environments that provide us the unique experience to see our heroes co-mingle. Let the fun begin!

Bob’s Burgers + Family Connection.


sub vol. 02 / 06
Beat the Meat.
Archer Mind Meld.


sub vol. 03 / 06
FXX’N Undercover.
Eat + Sleep + FXX Repeat.


sub vol. 04 / 06
Squash n’ Stretch.
720 Minutes.

Edit Kitz.

Providing a range of pre-built animations that could be used as in-and-out points for editorial. By using these animations as a foundation, we were able to create a comprehensive set of tools that allowed for the seamless integration of content from various sources. Whether it was creating transitions between shows or crafting dynamic bumpers that kept viewers engaged throughout the marathon, our edit kit provided the flexibility and creative freedom needed to deliver a standout 12-hour animation block.

Edit Tools + Stretchy.


sub vol. 05 / 06
Tool Kits
Edit Tools + Cuts.


sub vol. 06 / 06
Tool Kits
Thank You!