"Bringing Color to Motion" Color Theory is available for freelance consulting in the greater Los Angeles area and also accepts work from clients worldwide. With a creative approach that consistently emphasizes storytelling and brand, Color Theory brings personality to every pixel. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding obtaining services for future projects. Enjoy!



Color Theory is the creative brain child of Richie Sandow. Richie has been creating visually stimulating projects based from the Los Angeles area since 2000.

What makes Richie tick?
A lot of things! Richie constantly seeks out creative stimulation from a variety of avenues. This gives Richie the ability to understand and interpret what the clients needs are associated with the brand message being conveyed. Just talk to me and you’ll see for yourself.

Where did you study your craft?
Richie studied at the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design where he received a B.F.A. in liberal arts specializing in design for motion graphics.

What does Richie do?
Richie’s skill sets include Creative writing, Direction(Live Action, Design, Animation), Design, Illustration, Typography Design, 3D/2D Animation. Richie uses all of these talents in a way where he can take lead of a team, while keeping focused on the big picture or slip into the role of team player to help support the bigger picture. A vast amount of experience gives Richie the foresight to problem solve any creative challenge, while keeping the integrity of the project intact. Energizing every pixel and effectively servicing clients is Richie’s main goal, whether it is major network branding, show packages, film titles, or commercials.

How do you approach every project?
Approaching each project with a fresh open mind is the key. Every project has a different set needs and has to be analyzed on a per project basis. In the pre-visualization is where I make this assessment. My basic approach usually involves analyzing what the client’s over all message is for the targeted demographic. Usually this includes doing research on the product or information about the client. I then write down some descriptive of what best describes the message or feeling. Once an idea is perceived this is when a create approach can be pursued. Many times multiple creative ideas. After the ideas are simplified into one strong message, then comes making the magic happen through production.

What keeps you going year after year?
I love what I do with a passion, so it makes it kind of easy. It never gets old when people come by while I am jamming away and say “How does your brain work that way?” I have a passion for creating something from nothing, it’s just so much fun. I am a total pixel junky.

Have you received any notoriety?
Yes I just won an EMMY AWARD!! ┬áBefore that Richie started his west coast career in 2000 freelancing in the city of Los Angeles. After a couple of years in 2002 Richie joined the team of Hornet Inc. Shortly after Richie joined Hornet he was recognized by boards magazine as one of it’s “people on the move.” At Hornet Inc. Richie went on to work with a long list commercial, broadcast, and experience design. The clients included ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon, Fuel TV, MTV, Fine Living Network, Rubicam and Young, New York Jets, Atlanta Hawks, San Francisco 49rs, amongst others. Additionally at Hornet Richie got to direct a variety of live action shoots that included chimpanzee, hawks, people, and inanimate objects. In 2004 the work Richie did for the CBS Sports was recognized by DV magazine. Richie also contributed to branding, logo design, creative strategy and rebrand launch for Gametrailers.com and GTTV. At the end of 2006 Richie left Hornet Inc. to again pursue the world of freelance. Since then Richie has been awarded 2 Gold North American Promax Awards, as well as 1 Gold European Promax Award. Richie has also been recognized by Stash media for his involvement on a handful of other projects like TCM “Sunny Side of Life”, HP Hands Serena Williams, Cartoon Network “Noodz Campaign” to name a few.

Who do you like to work for?
Everybody! But it helps to work alongside people that appreciate the thought process. This is where the best creativity is found and most financially productive conversations happen. What I mean, is that clients tend to say they want the world, but what is realistic for the budget of the project and time frame is for what we strive. This philosophy contributes to good life, work, balance. Of course, while always pushing the limits of time versus creative. A Good environment is always a positive, as it tend to yield the best results for the project. Over time I have had great opportunity to strategize with many wonderful creatives and studios.
Here is a list of clients and studios that I have collaborated with over the years ABC, Big Machine, Buck, Buster, Capacity, Chiat Day, Digital Kitchen, Exoplois, Hornet Inc., Imaginary Forces, Iron Claw, Lifetime Network, Mocean, MonkeyHead, National Television, Picture Mill, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, Shilo, Sony Movie Channel, Stardust, Troika, Two Thousand and Strong, 3 Ring Circus. Sorry if I forgot anybody.

What is next?
I look forward to figuring out what clients are thinking inside their great big brains. That part is really fun to me because it is like figuring out the plot to a movie or a unsolved mystery. As for what is next, I am always entertaining new projects and ideas. Let’s talk and do this together.